Pay Bank Staff the NHS Pay Award Lump Sum Payment

NHS Bank Staff Deserve Better!

Pay Bank Staff the 2023 NHS Pay Award Lump Sum Payment

As Bank Staff we are lodging this Collective Grievance through our union, UNISON, calling on North Cumbria Integrated Care & University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trusts to ensure we receive the 2023 NHS Pay Award lump sum given to substantive staff.

We feel that it is a real injustice for bank staff that the Trust have so far refused to pay us this award, when we go above and beyond for patients all year round and deserve to be treated fairly.

The lump sum was referred to as a Covid-19 relief payment, all the Bank Staff supported wards and departments during the Covid-19 pandemic and work each week to support gaps in the Trust’s workforce.

We know that lots of bank staff have been forced to leave substantive posts in the trust as there isn’t the flexibility on the wards to let staff have family friendly hours. Sometimes, a lack of support from managers makes people feel that working on the Bank is the only option people have.

If the Trust wish to retain bank staff, who they rely on to deliver patient care, they must treat us fairly.

  • We worked hard throughout Covid-19 as did regular staff
  • Bank staff undertake the same duties as regular staff
  • We are bound by trust policies, procedures, and rules as are staff

We support the trust as much as we possibly can.  We work on occasions at short notice to alleviate staffing shortages.  Our wages are not guaranteed if we do not pick up shifts, regular staff wages and hours are guaranteed yet they are then being paid extra and we are not – this isn’t fair.

If you are employed by North Cumbria Integrated Care or University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trusts as Bank staff, please complete the form below to add your name to UNISON’s Collective Grievance.

Bank Staff Collective Grievance

Collective Grievance for the Non Payment of the Covid-19 Lump Sum to Bank Staff in the NHS