Pay MITIE staff supporting the NHS the Lump Sum Payment

Mitie Staff Deserve Better!

Pay Bank Staff the 2023 NHS Pay Award Lump Sum Payment

As Mitie Staff we are lodging this Collective Grievance through our union, UNISON, calling on Mitie to ensure we receive the 2023 NHS Pay Award lump sum given to NHS staff.

We feel that it is a real injustice for Mitie staff that the employer have so far refused to pay us this award, when we go above and beyond for patients all year round and deserve to be treated fairly.

The lump sum was referred to as a Covid-19 relief payment, all the Mitie supported wards and departments during the Covid-19 pandemic and work each week to support our NHS colleagues.

We believe our support was invaluable to the NHS and to Mitie throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and we worked tirelessly to ensure that we provided a high level of service.

If Mitie wish to retain staff they must treat us fairly.

  • We worked hard throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as did NHS staff
  • We maintained high standards despite the increased and ever changing demands
  • We are bound by the same procedures and rules as NHS staff

If you are employed by Mitie at the Cumberland Infirmary and are a UNISON Member, please complete the form below to add your name to UNISON’s Collective Grievance.

Mitie Staff Collective Grievance