NCIC Band 2 Car Parking

On the 1 April 2024 the National Living Wage increased to £11.44 per hour for workers aged over 21. The current hourly rate for Band 2 staff in the NHS is £11.45, pending confirmation of the 2024/2025 national NHS pay award.

For individuals on Band 2 who hold a permanent car parking permit, payroll deductions for parking will take them below the national living wage. To prevent this, for those who held a car parking permit on 1st April 2024, deductions will be ceased for April and May. This period may be extended dependant on the confirmation and application of the 2024/2025 NHS pay award.

For individuals in a Band 2 role who do not currently hold a car parking permit there will be no additional permanent permits added for payroll deduction. Payment for a temporary car parking permit can be done at Mitie house if based at CIC (card only), or the cashiers office if based at WCH.

For individuals whose hourly rate is unaffected by the National Living Wage increase (i.e. Band 3 and above), permanent car parking permit deductions will continue to apply.