Claim Tax Relief

Did you know you can claim tax relief if you wash the uniform given to you by your NHS Employer, unless your employer provides a laundering service for you and you chose not to use it and wash your uniform yourself.  Please note, you must have paid tax to be able to claim tax relief .

The amount you’re able to claim depends on your role.  Nurses can claim up to £125 and other roles up to £80 – so basic-rate taxpayers can claim £25 back (20% of £125) per year.  In addition Nurses and Midwives can also claim for shoes, socks and underwear.

Most people can claim back within the past four years, so back to 2018 – plus the current year (five years all together) – if you’ve been wearing the uniform all that time.  So a basic-rate taxpayer, claiming the standard uniform allowance for 2018-2022, could reclaim £125 in total.

You can make a Claim for Tax Relief online HERE

You can also claim Tax Relief on UNISON Subscriptions (restricted to 70%) if you work within the NHS sectors of Nursing, Ambulance, Voluntary, Professional and Technical A Professional and Technical B Senior and General Managers.

Currently, members of the Administrative and Clerical and the Ancillary and Maintenance sectors do not qualify for tax relief.  UNISON believes that HMRC has taken a narrow view on defining what roles are ‘professional’ and UNISON is continuing to make representations on behalf of members in these sectors as we feel it is unfair that those workers who are on lower bands, are discriminated against.

Nursing Sector

The Nursing sector covers the whole nursing family including nurses, midwives, health visitors and healthcare assistants working in the community, schools, mental health, dentistry, GP practices, learning disabilities, maternity care, hospitals and the prison service.

Ambulance Sector

The Ambulance sector covers all grades of ambulance staff and paramedics serving in every ambulance service in the UK.

Voluntary Sector

The Voluntary sector covers those who work for a non-NHS voluntary sector organisation (such as a charity, community group or social enterprise) providing services such as home, residential or day care, rehabilitation and social work.

Professional & Technical ‘A’ sector

The Professional and Technical ‘A’ sector covers members who, prior to Agenda for Change, came under the PTA section of the Whitley Council pay structure such as home, residential or day care, rehabilitation and social work.

Professional & Technical ‘B’ Sector

The Professional and Technical ‘B’ sector comprises professional and technical staff working as operating department practitioners and assistants and those working in anaesthetics, chaplaincy, counselling, dialysis, estates management, optometry, phlebotomy, podiatry, prosthetics and orthotics, sexual health, healthcare scientists including clinical scientists who work in biochemisty, gastroenterology, haematology,
haemostasis and thrombosis, microbiology, immunogenetics and histocompatibility, immunology molecular genetics, medical phy6sics, respiratory physiology and clinical engineering, cytoscreeners, laboratory support staff and perfusionists, technicians or technologists working in anatomical pathology, audiology, dentistry, physiological measurements and cardiology, gastroenterology, hearing, respiratory, medical physics, engineering, renal, physiology, neurophysiology and medical illustrators and photography, dental auxiliaries, hygienists and therapists, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants.

Senior Mangers’ Sector

The Senior and General Managers’ sector covers heads of services, directors, assistant directors, professional managers, organisers, co-ordinators and team leaders within the NHS and its support services