Legal Services

Do you know what legal support is available to you as a UNISON Member and your family?

If you’ve been treated unfairly at work, UNISON will be there to back you up. Please Contact Us as your first port of call and hopefully a legal resolution won’t be required – but if it comes to it and we think you have a reasonable case, we’ll be there to fight your corner and hold your employer to account.

If you have an accident or injury at work – or even outside of work – your UNISON membership provides legal cover.  You probably see lots of ‘no win, no fee’ adverts but our personal injury cover is even better – it’s free and if your claim is successful, you keep 100% of your compensation.  Plus we work with top lawyers at industry leading specialists, Thompsons Solicitors. But UNISON will be with you every step of the way.

There are lots of other legal benefits and services you can access as part of your UNISON membership – even your family are covered in some instances.

And not to blow our own trumpet but we’re also out there fighting big legal battles on behalf of all of our members, on issues like tribunal fees and sleep-ins, to change the law and make work fairer for everyone.

Work Related Personal Injury

UNISON offers legal assistance for any personal injury claim arising out of a member’s employment or while on Union duties.  This also includes instances where a member has sustained a work-related injury due to a crime of violence, most usually, an assault at work.

Industrial Disease

UNISON assists members who have developed an industrial disease as a result of being exposed to dangerous substances or noise in their work.  This goes as far to include where members have been exposed before they joined UNISON, as long as they belonged to another TUC affiliated union at the time.

Non Work Related Personal Injury

UNISON members and their family members are entitled to legal assistance for non work related personal injuries.  This service has recently been extended to cover accidents abroad where that claim can be pursued through the UK courts (i.e. usually where the case is against a UK travel agent or tour operator).

Road Traffic Accidents

UNISON members and their family members are entitled to pursue road accident claims in which they have been injured.  Please note that members using this service should also tell their insurers about any claim.

Clinical Negligence

UNISON members and their family are entitled to free initial advice for clinical negligence claims.  Should the advice be to press ahead and investigate the claim further, UNISON are not able to fund the future costs.  However, our lawyers will then advise on the best way to fund the claim.  A full costing will be provided so that members or their families can decide whether they wish to pursue the claim.

Please be aware that very strict time limits apply to personal injury claims and in most cases this is three years from the date of the injury/illness to begin court proceedings and two years from the date of the incident to lodge a claim with the CICA.

Please complete the Personal Injury Claim Form and return to the Branch Office for authorisation or call UNISON Direct on 0800 0 857 857.

Criminal Service

UNISON members are entitled to receive legal advice if they are defending criminal charges arising out of their employment. We will only represent members for road traffic offences if the member’s job is at risk and this does not include representation for drink and drug related driving offences.

In the case of disciplinary proceedings at work or by a professional body, it is generally not appropriate to appoint a solicitor, and the member is represented by Branch or Regional Officials.

Please complete the Criminal Services Claim Form and return to the Branch Office for authorisation.

Alternatively, contact UNISON Direct on 0800 587 7530 which has a 24 hour Criminal Helpline.

Free Legal Advice

UNISON Members are entitled to a 30 minute telephone consultation with one of our Thompson’s Solicitors on a matter not relating to their employment.  This is for the member only and does not include general financial advice.

If you require financial advice, you can access this FREE here

To access FREE Legal Advice on matters not relating to employment or financial advice you can complete this Free Legal Advice Claim Form and return to the Branch Office for authorisation or call UNISON Direct on 0800 0 857 857.