Your Branch Representatives

Liz Walsh

Branch Secretary

I have been a Member of UNISON since I qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 1991.  At that time, I was not active in the Union but remained aware of local issues, especially when I worked within the private sector.  I returned to the NHS in 1997, and was encouraged to become more active and I initially undertook training to be a Union Learning Rep.  Whilst I enjoyed this role, I felt that I wanted to become more involved, especially in the areas of equality and disability as I felt these were key issues for our Members.  Subsequently, I took on the role of Disabilities Officer within the Branch as well as becoming a UNISON Representative to support Members across the board.

I stepped out of my nursing role for a few years to implement Agenda for Change across the Trusts and am still very active in this area.  Following that I returned to Nursing – a role I thoroughly enjoyed.  I was released as a full time Convenor in 2014, and following changes within the Branch, became Branch Secretary.  My role is to manage the Branch, listen to and support our Members, locally, regionally and nationally and with the support of the Branch continue to improve the service we offer you.  The best part of my role is meeting our Members, who are at the heart of everything we do.

Ebrahim Bita

Black Members’ Officer

I have worked in West Cumberland Hospital for over 20 years and have been a UNISON Member since the beginning.  For many years, UNISON has supported me and helped in dealing  with many issues and challenges I have faced within my workplace.

I became a UNISON Steward around 5 years ago and progressed to Black Members Officer and Branch Health & Safety Officer thereafter.

I decided to get more involved in UNISON so as to add my input in supporting our members and to improve their working conditions, especially by standing against bullying, racism and discrimination as I promote equality and diversity.

UNISON will always listen, support, and be fair.

By coming together, reasoning together, a UNISON of great people is created with a common agenda to support, and to improve working conditions and create a conducive working environment.  It is through this alliance that millions of people including myself are proud to be part of.

Together united we shall become much stronger.