Update from MBHT Joint Negotiating & Consultative Committee (JNCC) Meeting

The JNCC is a monthly meeting of MBHT Trust Officers, People & Occupational Department members and Trade Unions. In this meeting, a number of things are discussed, these include Financial and Chief Executive reports, Human Resources issues, operational issues, Trade Union Issues and ongoing negotiations.

UNISON, as your Trade Union, sit on this meeting as your workplace representatives. This allows us to negotiate issues and highlight issues to the highest possible level.

This month, we discussed the ongoing One Lancashire and South Cumbria progression. This is estimated to affect up to 1,000 members of staff in MBHT. We were told that a vacancy control panel has now been put in place from the ICB. This will help ensure that posts are highlighted quicker when they become available. There is still no conformed implementation date for the One LSC and we will keep members informed going forward.

The Trust are looking to increase car parking prices for visitors and staff permits. The visitor charges will be in line with local council increases and are managed by a private company.

UNISON made it known that we object any increase to staff charges. We highlighted the fact that provision of spaces remains inadequate and that the Trust have not indicated any benefit to staff from these charges going up.

It was highlighted that with the current Band 2 wage being just 1p higher than minimum wage, an increase of permit charge via salary sacrifice would then put Band 2 below the minimum wage. The Trust stated that they are looking at a scoping exercise to identify how many members of staff will be affected by this.

UNISON brought up current issues with the Trust outsourced Payroll. A number of members are currently contacting reps about issues of incorrect payment and deductions. Rectifying these mistakes are taking a long time, therefore leaving members at a financial detriment and with stress. This has been referred to a higher level.

Lastly, we approved 4 policies which we had worked on at our policy group with the Trust over the past few months. The 4 we finalised were, Exit Guidance, Agenda for Change On-call Agreement, National People Policy Framework – Pregnancy and Baby Loss and Diverse Panel Policy.